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Food Wrapping & Baking
Food Wrapping Paper 21 Meters - ( Pack Of 2 )
Rs. 392 Rs. 490
Food Wrapping & Baking
Baking Paper 21 Meters - (Pack of 2)
Rs. 399 Rs. 550
Food Wrapping & Baking
Butter Paper 21 Meters - (Pack Of 2)
Rs. 349 Rs. 470
Food Wrapping & Baking
Aluminium Foil 9 Meters - (Pack of 2)
Rs. 199 Rs. 278
Food Wrapping & Baking
Aluminium Foil 21 Meters - (Pack of 2)
Rs. 299 Rs. 450
Food Wrapping & Baking
Aluminium Foil - 72 Meters
Rs. 399 Rs. 696
Food Wrapping & Baking
Aluminium Foil- 750 Grams
Rs. 399 Rs. 896
Food Wrapping & Baking
Butter Paper Sheets 10*10 inches - 200 Sheets
Rs. 249 Rs. 299
Food Wrapping & Baking
Baking Paper Sheets 11*11 inches - 100 Sheets
Rs. 245 Rs. 299

The Honest way “Why Us”?

No to Plastic

We wrap right by using recycled paper. All our cartons and packs are plastic free. Even the wrapping tape we use is paper!

Better Garbage Disposal

We make waste segregation smarter with biodegradable garbage bags instead of plastic.

Clean Hands, Clean Conscience

Our new launch powder to liquid hand wash saves emissions by 90% and plastic consumption by 100%. Even the sachet we pack it in is eco-friendly.

More Coming

We’re constantly busy creating more for you. Coming soon, powder to liquid toilet cleaners, surface cleaners and much more, all non-toxic and in plastic-free packaging.

Lighter Footprint

Our goal is to create products that leave no waste behind.


Our products do no harm first, BPA-free, non-toxic and sourced organically they are gentler for everyone.


We believe eco-choices should be easy, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards so you get access to better choices.


Our Vision Is To Be Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company

Customer Feedback

Facial Tissues

I recently purchased these and my first thought before purchasing was 'are they even going to be good?' But I definitely wanted to give it a shot and this is totally worth it. Softness, absorbency and affordability. These tissues won my heart!

- Vritika

Garbage Bags Medium

Very good quality 19*21 size is perfectly fitted to dustbin. This is 2nd time I had ordered the same product. 5 ratings for the product

- Sagar Kulkarni


"Loved the quality of the product. Was my first try and found them to be not falling off into pieces during use, are very soft and have a good packaging for temporary storage too. I'm their customer forever now.

- Veenu Munjal

Food Wrap

The paper quality is really good. By using this I pack my roti & rolls in lunch in a stylish way. Kids like it too.

- Pallavi

Powder To Liquid Dishwash

one packet is enough for entire month .. just open the packet and mix it with water, shake well and use it ... It's fragrance omg! It's excellent whole day it lasts.. and it cleans the floor really well .. I loved it Paisa vasool..worth for money …

- Divya

Powder To Liquid Dishwash

"Whatever mentioned in the description about the product is exactly same. I highly recommend this product and going to use this only to clean dishes. Eco- friendly product and packaging ."

- Heena

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