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2Ply Napkin Tissue Box 50 Pulls - (Pack of 4)

Rs. 289.00 Rs. 340.00

In the Box : 4 Boxes of 50 pulls Napkins each

  • Soft, Absorbent, and Gentle: These napkins offer a perfect blend of softness and strength. Whether used for quick cleanups or elegant table settings, they effortlessly cater to diverse needs for personal and household usage. 
  • Unscented: Free from inks, dyes, or artificial scents for a pure experience.
  • Skin-Friendly: Kind to your skin and hypoallergenic, ensuring residue-free use.
  • Fuss-Free and Non-Toxic: BPA-free and non-toxic for a worry-free tissue solution.
  • Eco Friendly: 100% recycled paper (50% post-consumer and 50% pre-consumer content) and are whitened without chlorine bleach.


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