The Honest Home Company is the brain-child of Mayank Sisodia, an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in sales and the drive to make a difference. Mayank has stayed true to his roots in the little town of Dhampur. His father is a farmer and Mayank grew up in the interconnected eco-system of village life with people who have been connected to the land for generations. Because the earth is a source of life and wealth, it is revered and worshipped. The earthy colours of The Honest Home Company, celebrate this reverence for the earth, this love for the soil.

Mayank grew up in a culture that believed that real wealth lies is the respect gained over a lifetime of making a difference to the world. Honesty is the very cornerstone of his belief system. He was driven by the idea that we should give back as much to the earth as it gives us.

The Honest Home Company is the culmination of these ideals. Products created to give back to the planet, developed to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.