The Honest Home Co.


Rs. 245.00

Size: 21 Meter

  • For non-stick and hassle-free baking, choose The Honest Home Company parchment paper
  • A double-sided no-stick coating makes it simple for you to remove your baked goods from the tray without any ripping or breaking, for immaculate presentation
  • The extra-wide size also makes this paper perfect for covering larger baking trays without the need for multiple sheets.
  • Serrated blade ensures quick and simple dispensing/tearing to reduce costly wastage
  • The recyclable cardboard dispenser protects the paper from potential contamination
  • The non- stick coating also reduces the need for butters or oils when cooking. It can be safely used in freezers to separate ingredients and prevent sticking
  • Every roll will also go that little bit further so you’re always bake-ready
  • Recyclable, BPA-free and non-toxic

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